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Germanisches Nationalmuseum - Guide to the Collections


The new Museum Guide of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum presents the 17 permanent exhibits of this, the largest cultural-historical museum in the German-speaking world, in text and in photos. The Guide also includes short entries on the study collections, the research institutions, and the museum’s two branches, the Kaiserburg-Museum and Schloss Neunhof. The book is a largely chronological survey of the exhibits in the permanent collections, providing a foundational overview of the items on show. The text itself outlines the cultural- and art-historical contexts of each exhibit, illustrated by photographs of the displays, while also providing short explanations and illustrations of the most important works. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum’s many buildings were erected during vastly different eras. So, in order to save the visitor some time in orienting him- or herself, the Guide includes floorplans both in its introductory pages and at the end of each chapter, where helpful tips for where to go next can also be found. An index of key names and terms makes it even easier to locate well-known works. The Museum Guide is available both in English and in German and is ideal as preparation for and accompaniment on your next walk around the museum.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum - Guide to the Collections. Conception, project and editorial management by Frank Matthias Kammel with Thomas Brehm and Claudia Selheim. Nuremberg 2012
248 pages
227 colored illustrations, flexicover, 24,5 x 17 cm
Best.-Nr.: 746
ISBN: 978-3-936688-68-9